Carte electronique, conception, production et maintenance

Pre-qualification EMC

Well before the January 1st 1997 EMC directives SECAD has integrated constraints linked to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Indeed, we have had a pre-qualification EMC laboratory since 1983. We take into account these constraints as early as the conception by paying very particular attention to be compliant with existing norms:

  • Conducted and radiated emissions
  • Conducted and radiated susceptibility, ESD (electrostatic discharges), lightening strike, etc.

Pre-qualification EMC of prototypes makes it easy to get certification of the product by an authorized laboratory, enhances its efficiency and avoids additional costs of after sale services.

99% of the electronic systems pre-qualified EMC by SECAD pass the certification EMC for their first presentation to an authorized laboratory.

Pre-qualification electromagnetic compatibility of an electronic system Pre-qualification EMC laboratory