Carte electronique, conception, production et maintenance

More than 25 years' experience at your service…

Secad was founded in 1982. It provides its clients with its up-to-date expertise in the design, industrialization and production of electronic systems that suits clients' requirements.

The originality of the company's structure (a cooperative) enables its employees/ shareholders to be strongly involved in the management and the results of the company.

  • Employees own up to 90% of the company's capital
  • 19 employees including 8 engineers in the research department
  • Its headquarters located in a building of more than 1000m², a sub-branch located in Grenoble
  • Situated in the Rhône-Alpes region on the A40 motorway between Lyon and Geneva

Our culture: Being competent is SECAD motto. The company continuously develops and gets more competent through:

  • The experience acquired in the sector of advanced electronics.
  • The involvement of our teams of software designers towards our clients and partners.
  • Technological watching and constant training.

Our values: guaranteeing performance, efficiency, clarity and attentively listening to clients and long-term partners.

Our commitment: Sharing our respective expertise to contribute to improving the technical and financial results of your products.

  • Medium-sized company SECAD situated in the Rhône Alpes region Headquarters of SECAD Electronic and Vision Systems
  • Designing, industrialization and production of electronic equipments A team listening attentively

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