Carte electronique, conception, production et maintenance

Partner in your project

Our vocation :
To work as partners with our clients to analyze, develop and manufacture projects that go beyond their expertise or for which they have not the available resources.

Our motto :
« Your experience and ours together… » perfectly symbolizes our will to share our respective experiences in order to reinforce your technical and financial results.

Our will :
To put our entire expertise at our clients' service to give them the benefit of more than 25 years' experience acquired in different sectors of activity :

  • Industrial electronics
    Industrial equipment goods, machines tools, industrial automation, robot guidance, industrial process, telecommunications, home automation…
  • Embedded electronics
    Aeronautics, public transport, road transport, firefighter vehicles, automobile, special vehicles, agriculture equipments…
  • Machine vision
    Cosmetics, scientific laboratories, medical, military, food-processing industry, plastics manufacturing, metal manufacturing, automobile industry, textile manufacturing…